Denim Tinting Process | Necessity of Tinting

Tinting Method :
After denim pant is being faded, the pants have dyed with very light color(.001% or .002%yellow or pink).This dyeing process is called Tinting/Overdyeing .This process is applied only on garments, not in fabric or yarn.

Garment Tinting

Garment Tinting

The tinting of denim is carried out by the following procedure. First of all denim sample was added to the washing machine along with 160 liters water, the temperature of washing machine was controlled at 60oC.Then the formulated tint recipe along with 1.5 kg salt was added to the fabric and machine for ran for 20 minutes for the process. Salt was added for the exhaustion process. Then fabric was washed with water and then washed by adding softener to reduce the harshness. Fabric was taken out from the machine and put into the hydro extractor to extract water from the fabric for 5 minutes.

Then fabric was put onto the dryer for 45 minutes.


  1. Washing machine
  2. Hydro Extractor
  3. Drye

Necessity of Tinting:

  • For making new fashions.
  • To give the finished garments a better appearance.
  • For inventing a new process.

Tinting Process:
Tinting is a process where very less amount of tint is involved & mainly direct dye is being used to do this process. This is being done to change hue/cast/tone of indigo. As soon as quantity of tint color increases & it cover up indigo, reaches the level of dyeing.

Tinting being used to give garments a used / vintage & muddy look. This process takes from 5 minutes to 15 minutes time for better results followed by dye fixing & clean up of superficial dye.

Dyeing is being done on very light shade of Indigo, Ecru/ grey denim & Ready for dyeing denim. There are various Types of dye.

The comparison of these dyes is given in the chart here below:

  1. Direct Dyes
  2. Reactive Dyes
  3. Pigment Dyes
  4. Sulphur Dyes

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